AOC: partnering schools in Uganda

May 11,2012

The principal of #WMSF, Kevin Gilmartin, introduced the AOC launch event: “A project that changes young lives!” He described AOC as a “wonderful organisation and something that is growing into something even more incredible”.

WMSF Principle introducing the launch event

AOC trustees then explained some of the motivations that drive AOC:

Dr David Mills explained some of the history of AOC, from its beginnings as Solomon’s Children. Throughout, this Ugandan proverb has been an important factor in our work: ‘The small things we do in friendship are more important than the big things we do in service’. He told the inspiring story of Solomon (see ‘about us‘) and emphasised AOC’s strapline ‘when will we learn’, saying that  “we have a great deal to learn from Uganda”.

Liz Walton OBE, discussed how All Our Children want to promote vocational studies through partnerships (short video clip here), and summarised AOC as “partnering schools in Uganda”.

AOC Launch event, WMSF

We are very grateful to everyone who came to the launch event, everyone who worked to make it a sucess, and for the generous donations that are going directly towards our work in South West Uganda.  We are very excited about the future!  Please do get in touch if you would like to be a part of it.