A letter from Moses Ndyagumizamu

April 11,2013

We are thrilled to receive a letter from Moses Ndyagumizamu (below), a student we sponsored in S5 and S6 (at Kigezi High Sschool).  He is a good example of short-term sponsorship which enables students to complete their education.  General donations to All Our Children are extremely helpful in allowing us to help people like Moses to complete their education.  In part thanks to sponsorship which enabled him to finish his education, Moses is now:

  • Teaching at Kigezi High School;
  • Paying fees for his sister who completed S4 and is training to be a primary teacher;
  • Paying fees for his younger brother who is in S2 at a village school.

He has also set up a nursery school in his village with another teacher.  Sponsorship that enables people to complete their education is a fantastic investment; even short-term sponsorship can significantly benefit individuals and communities.  Why not make a one-off donation to help us continue work like this today?

Letter from Moses

Warm greetings from moses; I hope you are doing well.
I would like to send great thanks and appreciation to you and to the entire William morris community  for the great charity work offered to the world.
I was sponsored by william morris for my advanced level at Kigezi high school from 2007 to 2008. I passed very well (biology, chemistry, physics and agriculture) and I got a government scholarship to join Makerere university for a three year course leading to the award of a bachelor of science with education; subjects; biology and chemistry. I successfully completed the course and got a second class upper division with a CGPA of 3.94, and this year, I was able to graduate. I am deligted that I have now been rectuited as a biology chemistry teacher at kigezi high school and iam very happy that I am back to my school where i was able to look for your contacts so that i can be able to communicate to you.   May you reach out my vote of thanks and appreciation to the entire William Morris community for the geat work done to pull me up because i would have dropped out of school.  i had previously written some letters that I could give the headteacher to send to you but i dont know if you could get them. my parents have always requested me to thank you on their behalf. they are so grateful for what you did.
            May GOD richly bless you.
                  yours faithfully